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I’d been at a bad school and unless you’d been lucky enough to go to a grammar school, you came away at 16 still struggling with the basics.

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By providing that information you gain the customer’s trust and become the one thatthey’re likely to make a purchase from.

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To celebrate all those little moments of inspiration, we have compiled some resources for you which honor the beauty of graphic design and the ideas behind it.

junior graphic designer job description pdf

They don’t start one year and end the next, instead they shift until they fade out. It’s a process that often begins on the catwalk, and gradually moves to other areas such as graphic design, packaging, illustration, and home decor. A trend might be just entering one market, while it’s in full bloom on another market and fading in a third. It’s common to see trends that go in opposite directions, such as a futuristic, high tech trend and a trend like the hipster beard, that’s more nostalgic, looking to the past for inspiration. Trend spotting is a lot of fun, and a great way to infuse your work with fresh ideas. Throughout this article, we'll take a look at 10 brilliant trends taking over the graphic design space in 2016.

graphic designer portfolio examples

Ornamental designs were popular in everything from tiles, color plates, and tapestries to the details in buildings, homes, and churches.

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